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Java Training

Apart from rendering all sorts of web solutions, we also specialize in training the desiring candidates in various fields of technology. Training, placement, and recruitment are one of our main pursuits. For years, we have excelled in the field of training the desiring candidates in Java. Many of the trained candidates have now already become the Java experts. Many of the candidates have been absorbed in various reputed companies and some of them are also earning well as freelance Java developers. With a team of professional Java trainers, we aim at creating more and more Java professionals to fulfill the ever increasing demands of Java professionals.

Whether one desires to take the core Java training or advanced Java training; we provide all types of training. The training course covers the Java basics, working with Java data types, using the Operators and Decision Constructs, creation and use of arrays, use of Loop Constructs, Methods and Encapsulation, Inheritance, handling Exceptions, Threads, Applets, Generics & Collections, and exploring Java package etc. In fact, we leave no aspect of Java out of the purview of our Java training course. Covering all the elements of Java, and training the candidates with full dedication, we transform the candidates into the Java professionals.

All our Java trainers are certified and have the credit of years of experience in the field of Java and Java training. Rendering 100% quality assurance, we have always fulfilled all the quests and the queries of the Java learners. Moreover, our teaching style is unique. With a computer screen before their eyes, the trainees can actively conduct the hands-on labs. Teaching and training in a friendly manner, we provide all the freedom to the candidates to ask any question they have or to clarify any doubts they have in their minds. And, it is this reason that a great number of desiring candidates keep enrolling in our Java training program. The appreciation received from our candidates is a great treasure of encouragement for us and we are determined to maintain the quality training at any cost.

In recent years, the fascination of the youngsters towards Java has escalated manifold. Seeing the ever increasing demand of Java professionals, hundreds of candidates have already taken initiative to build their career in the field of Java. However, there appears a huge gap between the demand and the supply of Java professionals, and the scope of career in this field is fascinatingly bright.


.NET Training

Providing a consistent and comprehensive programming model for creating or building the applications, .NET has become an integral part of the development of various programs. Consisting or supporting numerous programming languages such as the Visual Basic, Visual F#, Visual C# and Visual C++, etc; it not only facilitates the development of several programs in many programming languages, but also considerably reduces the efforts and the time of the program developers. The demand of .NET professionals in present times is very high. And, providing an excellent opportunity for learning all the technological aspects of .NET, we play a very significant role in creating the professionals well equipped with the knowledge of .NET. The team of .NET experts at Techrakers is embellished with years of experience. The experts here are well familiar with the kind of difficulties faced by the trainees, and that is why they satiate all the learning desires of the trainees in a holistic manner.

Our .NET training program renders a comprehensive coverage of the framework of .NET and the ASP.NET technology features. The ASP.NET Architecture, User and Custom Controls and Data Access, Master Pages, State Management, Web Configuration, Navigation, Instrumentation, Web Services, Health Monitoring, and AJAX and Deployment etc are all covered in the training program. With a special focus to the undergraduates, graduates, post graduates and job seekers etc; we have designed the .NET course and training program in such a way that the trainees gain full confidence and knowledge in this field. For the candidates aspiring to take the training in ASP.NET, the knowledge of C# programming is a pre-requisite. Knowledge of Java Script, and HTML, etc is not mandatory; however, the knowledge of it can be quite advantageous for the trainees.

Once taking the .NET training under our highly qualified and experienced .NET trainers; the trainees would be highly confident in using its features. Using the rich set of controls, the successful trainees would be able to create rich GUI for applications that are web based. They will also be able to create the secure web applications and personalize the web pages. By creating and using the web services, they would also be well-versed in deploying web applications.

One of the salient features of the .NET trainers at Techrakers is that they pay consistent and equal attention to all the trainees undertaking the course. And, it is this reason that each of the trainees undergoing the .NET training here, excels in each and every aspect of .NET.

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